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2024 Keynote and Educational Speakers

  • Mike Pearson | Keynote

    Andy Stroop     

    KEYNOTE | Wednesday August 14th | Time TBD

    Speaker Tent | Megatrends in Agriculture

    Mike Pearson, Broadcast Director for Farm Progress


    Mike Pearson takes an in-depth look at the way agriculture will be changing in the next 20 years. The past century has been one of non-stop progress in efficiency, technology, yield, and Mike pulls together his wide-ranging reports on the industry to analyze the four biggest trends driving agriculture forward.

    Analytics: Big Data has been the watchword in production for the past several years, and the future will see new tools that allow producers to analyze the piles of data they have been collecting.

    Robotics: Many consumers are already familiar with robots taking care of some household chores like vacuuming. It will not be much longer before we see true robotics in the field, reducing the burden of time-consuming tasks.

    Biotechnology: The field of biotech saw incredible advances over the past decade as science and profits combined to allow geneticists and plant breeders space to try amazing things. In the next two decades, those advances become a springboard for some truly revolutionary changes to the industry. This will encompass not just plant-based biotech, but biological soil amendments and treatments as well.

    Structure: And finally, the structure of the industry will continue to change. As record-level profits become just a memory, producers will find new ways to maximize their ROI. 

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Hours of Operation

August 13, 2024: 8:30am-4pm
August 14, 2024: 8:30am-3pm