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Planter Demonstration Equipment

Planter demonstrations will take place 11 am on both Tuesday, August 16th & Wednesday, August 17th at the East Demonstration Area.

 Horsch Maestro 3215-32R



Advantages of Maestro 3215SV

  • Complete concept for maximizing planted acres per day, precision seed placement, along with maintaining uniform and consistent seedbed soil structure.

  • Up to 249 bushel seed carrying capacity and up to 1225 gallons of liquid fertilizer capacity – largest available in the market today (pending model)

  • Global industry first and leading technology in electric meter drives, weight transfer, and hydraulic downforce technologies. 

  • Electric drive meters precisely singulate seed while having the ability for variable rate planting, individual row shutoff and curve compensation.

  • Chassis system designed for large product carrying capacity while having a light footprint.

  • Lightest soil footprint in the industry – large diameter tires, large footprint, low tire psi.

  • Weight transfer system stabilizes the toolbar, thus resulting in superior stabilization of row units for precise depth control.


Size:     40'

Displayed by: HJV Equipment


 John Deere 1775NT


Size:     60' 

Displayed by: Hutson, Inc

Hutson Inc

 Case IH 2150

Case IH 2150

 Features include:

  • Exclusive split-row segment-leading stagger design increases residue flow and minimizes risk of plugging

  • Exceptional ground-following capabilities are made possible by +/- 15 degrees of wing flexibility to deliver a total range of 30 degrees, while the hydraulic wing downforce option improves depth control
  • In-cab hydraulic row unit control to easily convert from 15- to 30-inch spacing
  • High-clearance frame and industry best row unit vertical travel accommodates aggressive terrain changes without sacrificing accurate seed placemen
  • Heavy-duty design and components provide excellent row unit stability
  • 525 gallons of liquid fertilizer capacity with multiple fertilizer distribution options
  • 100-bushel bulk fill capacity with individual tank scale option
  • Optimized planter systems for improved operating efficiency

Size:     23 row - 15" spacing

Displayed by: Alderman's Inc.


 Tar River 750 Seeder 

Size:     10' 

Displayed by: FarmCo Distributing

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 Harvest International PB4030S2

Harvest International


  • Well-built frame

    • Extra weight for tough conditions

    • Strength against wear and tear

  • Weight Transfer system to accommodate 1000-gallon fertilizer tank

  • Harvest International Laser Pro row units

  • Vacuum for Precision Planting vSet motors, under 3-bushel hoppers, which makes this planter suitable for both corn and soybean planting

    • This allows for more turn compensation, unlimited population control, and row shut offs.

  • vApply system which allows fertilizer application control to all rows

  • Offers conceal and furrowjet fertilizer application options

  • Controlled and monitored by Precision Planting's Gen 3 2020

    • Allows for information intake in an easy-to-use way while maintaining control over the planter and its row units

Size:     40'

Displayed by: PM Precison Ag

PM Precision Ag

Fendt PM24-30

Momentum 2

Load Logic Weight Management System

  • Smart cylinders that transfer weight across the frame 
  • Smart Spindles that measure weight and load on all tires 
  • Automatic tire pressure inflation and deflation  

In-line Center Tandem Design 

  • Follows tractor path 
  • Eliminates pinch rows 


  • 130 bushel seed tanks 
  • Optional 1,000 gallon liquid fertilizer 

Vertically Contouring Toolbar (VCT) 

  • Up to 68” of toolbar vertical travel 

Integrated Precision Planting 

  • Vset2®, vDrive®, DeltaForce™, Conceal®, and 20/20 SeedSense® Display 

Gold Star Customer Care 

  • 3 year full machine warranty PLUS annual inspections 
  • Parts Assurance Program 

Size:     60'

Displayed by: Farm Depot

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 Pottinger C6 Terrasem


Key Features:

  • Top quality compact disc-harrow

  • Effective tire packer chassis
  • Optimized coulter rail
  • Precision seed placement from parallel-guided DUAL DISC coulters with rear depth control press wheels
    • Ensures unique ground tracking capability and uniform seed placement depth
  • Even pressure distribution across the entire working width is achieved thanks to the set pressure on the seed coulter as the rear roller follows the contours of the terrain
  • An inter coulter rail spacing of 12 inches and a 5-inch row spacing, optimum plant distribution density is ensured even with high volumes of harvest residues
  • TERRASEM C4 and C6 mulch drill models are equipped with a 106 cubic foot seed hopper, while the C8 and C9 models offer a 141 cubic foot sized hopper.

Size:     20'

Displayed by: Farm Depot

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White 6106

Displayed by: Conley's Precison Ag & Services

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Tillage Demonstration Equipment

Tillage demonstrations will start at 2 pm on both Tuesday, August 16th and Wednesday, August 17th at the North Demonstration Area.

 Horsch Joker RX35



Advantages of Tiger MT

  • • Reliable cultivation of fields especially in the longest and heaviest residues.

    • Primary cultivation of high residue cropland along with pastures and set aside land.

    • Deep loosening of soil up to 14 inches of working depth.

    • Intensive crumbling of heavy soils.

    • Working depth of disc harrow and tines can be adjusted independently.

Size:     35'

Displayed by: HJV Equipment


 Lenco 5FT Stone Picker

Lenco 5ft


Advanced Farm Equipment (AFE) is a Vestaburg, MI based manufacturing company. AFE has been manufacturing potato harvesting equipment since 1987, building their first Rock Picker in 1994. AFE/Lenco offers a full line of Rock Pickers ranging from 5ft to 12ft. Lenco Rock Pickers are designed to dig 6” to 8” below the surface and separate the rocks from the soil. Each rock picker features a shaker for loosening soil to maximize the amount of soil and organic material left in the field. Lenco Rock Pickers feature fully hydraulic drives, allowing for instant reversing to remove stubborn rocks. Optional unloading conveyers and hydraulic digger bed lifts are also available. Lenco products are known for rugged durability and long life. Come visit our display at Agro-Expo to see the last rock picker you’ll ever need to purchase.

Interested in learning more? Click here


Displayed by: Burnips Equipment

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 Degelman 33' Pro-Till High Speed Disc



Degelman Pro-Till is a high-performance disc that is incredibly versatile. PT33 works at high speed to bust through heavy debris, level-out ruts, and provide the perfect seedbed. The Pro-Till powers through extreme residue at over 10 mph leaving behind a clean and even field. In one possible pass, Degelman’s Pro-Till cuts and slices through field debris at nearly three times the speed of more traditional cultivators. This is done with the combination of the Pro-Till’s independent disc arms, motion-dampening rubber suspension to defeat the obstacle of rocks, a strong frame, and furrow rollers that are cutting-edge. Degelman’s Pro-Till prepares a seedbed efficiently with speed, shallow discs, and ridge shaped rollers to crush residue and mix the soil.

 In addition to high speed and high performance, the Pro-Till is safe and easy to transport.  The PT33 includes a wing-forward design with an ultra-low profile at just under 13 feet for compact stability. The Pro-Till includes ultra-high flotation tires that create maximum performance in wet soil.

The Degelman Pro-Till PT33 works great for any season and in any condition. It is safe and easy to transport and includes all the features for maximum efficiency in the field.


Displayed by: Ellens Equipment

Ellens Equipment

 New Holland T9.565 Auto Command Smarttrax Tractor

New Holland


Ellens Equipment is demoing a New Holland T9.565 Auto Command Smarttrax tractor pulling a Degelman PT33 Pro-Till high-speed disc at the 2022 AgroExpo. The T9.565 has the ultimate power, efficiency, comfort ride, and versatility.

T9 tractors are the first articulated high-horsepower 4WDs with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). CVT transmissions allow for a quieter and more efficient tractor with seamless speed changes. The T9.565 Smarttrax also has class leading 38-degree articulated turning for quicker work. Turning and travelling is more cost and time effective because of the 4WD articulated steering allowing for torque to be evenly distributed, reducing the loss of traction, and lessening soil disturbance.  The efficiency level the Auto Command Smarttrax system is unmatched.

The New Holland T9 with PLM Intelligence cab is ground-breaking in customization, visibility, comfort, and support. PLMi connects you effortless when you’re in the field to real-time resources and adapts to your way of work. Everything about PLMi is customizable to your needs and wants, to ensure your work can be done smoothly. The layout of the PLMi cab is more efficient and less obtrusive to your vision, providing nearly 360-degree visibility. New Holland understands the importance of extended comfort with the amount of time spent in the tractor. That’s why the PLMi cab includes more storage, HVAC vents, comfortable seats, egress lights, and more. Spending all day in the tractor is made easier with the New Holland PLM intelligence cab.


Displayed by: Ellens Equipment

Ellens Equipment

 Lemken Helidor 9

 Displayed by: Pondhill Sales

Pond Hill

Kwik-Till HSD 3000


The 2022 HSD3000 has a 30’ working width that features a heavy-duty cage roller that has a large 25.5” diameter, 20” notched front disc blades and 20” smooth rear blades and a CAT-4 articulating hitch. A rubber torsion suspension system makes for an individual disc arm protection with 9” of travel. This unit also features a NEW Single Point Depth Adjustment which we introduced in early 2022, now giving a quick easy adjustment from one point to set your disc and rear attachment depth. This high-speed disc is designed for field operation at speeds of 10+ MPH and requires 15+ engine HP per foot. The front row of discs is positioned at a 17-degree angle with 10” spacing and our rear blades at 14-degrees with 10” spacing offset from the front to give you a 5” spacing overall. This combination results in a very good mixing and covering action along with residue management. We have a range of sizes for any farming operations starting with our 8’ to 12’ mono-fold pull type or 3-pt mount units, the 16’ to 24.5’ bi-fold units, and our 25’ to 45’ tri-fold units. The Kwik-Till also offers four options for your rear roller attachment with our heavy-duty cage roller, spring tine packer, rubber roller with hydraulic scrapers and solid steel roller. In 2016 we launched the maintenance free Kwik-Till features. The Kwik-Till product line today utilizes a maintenance free greaseless hub for our independently mounted disc blades and maintenance free bearings on all four of the roller options. Continuing on our maintenance free features is our use of nylon bushings at all pivot points to provide a long service life and eliminate daily greasing 

Displayed by: Norwood Sales

Pottinger 10001T

 Displayed by: Farm Depot

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Horsch RX 20

 Displayed by: Peters Brothers Farm Supply

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Displayed by: Environmental Tillage Systems

Environmental Tillage Systems


Hour of Operation

August 16: 8:30am-4pm
August 17: 8:30am-3pm