August 14-15, 2018

Saint Johns, Michigan

2018 AgroExpo.

Most farmers are always looking for ways to improve efficiency, yield, and their bottom line. The AgroExpo will provide answers, ideas and inspiration August 14 & 15 in St. Johns, MI. The AgroExpo offers two full days of in-field demonstrations, educational programs and presentations, as well as the newest methods, advancements and technologies in the industry. The AgroExpo is free to all attendees.


Chad Berghoefer

Senior Field Agronomy Manager, DuPont Pioneer

David Reddel

Agronomist, Berkley Agribusiness Risk Specialists

Dr. Tony Vyn

Professor of Agronomy, Purdue University

Jason Koning

Regional Manager, Precision Planting

Karen Zuver & Gary Brinkman

Field Agronomists, DuPont Pioneer

Steven Gower & Jason Fettig

Agronomists, DEKALB/Asgrow

Gary Freiburger

Regional Manager, Dairyland Seed

Greg Wetzel

Conklin Agrovantage

Mike Fraleigh

Attorney at Law, Fraleigh Law

Jake Isley

Climate FieldView

Pat Driscoll & Terry Henne

Editorial Director & Contributing Broadcaster, MAIN

Justin Schneider

Agronomist, LG Seeds

John Leif & Tim Duckert

Field Agronomy Manager & Field Agronomy Research Manager, AgroLiquid


Show Dates: Tuesday, August 14 & Wednesday, August 15 2018

1Show Open to Attendees8:30 AM5605 N Findlay Rd
2Planting Demonstration9 AM
3Late Season Corn Scouting: Sponsored by LG SeedsJustin Schneider9 AMCrop Tent
4Peering into the Future of Ag Technologies: Sponsored by DuPont PioneerChad Berghoefer9:30 AMCrop Tent
5Risk Managing Your Operations : Sponsored by David Chapman AgencyDavid Reddel10 AMSpeaker Barn
6In Hot Pursuit of High Corn Yields!: Sponsored by DuPont PioneerDr. Tony Vyn12:30 PMSpeaker Barn
7Tillage Demonstration1:30 PM
8Phosphorus Management in Row Crops: Sponsored by Precision PlantingJason Koning2 PMCrop Tent
9Soybean Cyst Nematode Strategies for Today: Sponsored by DuPont PioneerKaren Zuver & Gary Brinkman2:30 PMCrop Tent
10Top Disease & Insect Threats for 2018: Sponsored by DEKALB/AsgrowSteven Gower & Jason Fettig3 PMCrop Tent
11Show Closes4 PM
1Show Open to Attendees8:30 AM5605 N Findlay Rd
2Planting Demonstration9 AM
3Improving Alfalfa Establishment & Yields: Sponsored by Dairyland SeedGary Freiburger9 AMCrop Tent
4Crop Nutrition: Sponsored by Conklin AgrovantageGreg Wetzel9:30 AMCrop Tent
5New About MI Ag for MI AgPat Driscoll & Terry Henne10 AMSpeaker Barn
6Estate Planning & Asset Succession: Sponsored by Fraleigh Law FirmMike Fraleigh12:30 PMSpeaker Barn
7Tillage Demonstration1:30 PM
8Managing Organic Matter Variability: Sponsored by Precision PlantingJason Koning2 PMCrop Tent
9Using Technology to Make Quick, Easy Decisions: Sponsored by DEKALB/AsgrowJake Isley2:30 PMCrop Tent
10Sulfur- Why is it Such a Big Deal?: Sponsored by AgroLiquidJohn Leif & Tim Duckert3:00 PMCrop Tent
11Show Closes4 PM


2018 Sponsors.


Travel Information


5605 N Findlay Road
St. Johns, MI 48879


Lansing Airport: 30 mi.

Grand Rapids Airport: 61 mi.

Detroit Airport: 114 mi.

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