Kyle Lilly

Kyle Lilly

Senior Product Manager, Compass Minerals

Kyle Lilly’s agronomic expertise working in specialty fertilizer has played a pivotal role in developing and implementing products within the Compass Minerals Plant Nutrition portfolio. Prior to coming to Compass Minerals, Lilly worked as a product Manager for Timac Agro USA, a multinational specialty fertilizer company based out of France. He was responsible for managing the strategy for a full specialty fertilizer product portfolio and providing technical leadership for the Midwest agronomy and sales teams. Lilly received his master’s degree in soil science from the University of Wyoming and his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Luther College. He is a certified crop adviser and certified professional soil scientist.

Season Long Nutrition: Advances in Fertilizer Technology and Recommendations 



1 RUP & 1 CCA Credit available

While adequate pre-plant application of N, P, and K fertilizer have many practical benefits, farmers often ask why they do not often get higher yields with higher fertilizer application rates. The more pounds on the ground fertilizer approach has limitations with best 4R fertilizer practices missing from the equation. This presentation will show new research on fertilizer application rate, timing, source, and placement with a focus on micronutrients, crop stresses, and physiology across the growing season. This presentation will demonstrate how reducing plant stress can reduce the susceptibility of crops to insects and diseases thus reducing needs for pesticide application.  In particular new research on nickel, cobalt, and molybdenum shows that these three nutrients can have a major effect on nitrogen metabolism during vegetative growth.