Challenge Plot Panel

Challenge Plot Panel


Challenge Plot Panel – Get The Best ROI For Your Fertilizer Dollar

AgroLiquid continuously develops and researches innovative nutrient solutions for growers. But we know those solutions must have practical, economic applications in the field. The AgroExpo, challenge plots were designed to put participants’ skills to work to produce the best return on fertilizer plots. Competitors will be on-hand to answer questions and explain their rationale for the crop nutrient decisions they made. There are multiple programs, application differences and timing comparisons. It is a great chance to see results and hear explanations to see how these products fit your management.


Teams Consist of:

Dr. Jerry Wilhm, Senior Research Manager & Burt Henry, Sales Account Manager West Michigan

Stephanie Zelinko, Agronomic Sciences Project and Data Manager & Austin Benes, Regional Sales Account Manager

Tim Duckert, Farm Agronomy Research Manager & Bob Baxter, Regional Sales Manager

Jeff Brown, NCRS Agronomy Specialist & Aarron Stahl, Sales Account Manager WI, IA, MN

Reid Abbott, Field Agronomy Manager & Rob Marquardt, Sales Account Manager KY, TN, MS, AL

JW Lemons, Field Agronomy Manager & Ashley Stickler, Sales Account Manager IN, IL

John Leif, Field Agronomy Manager & Stuart Schilling, Regional Sales Manager

Nick Bancroft, VP of Organizational Planning and Operations & Kurt Fisher, Sales Account Manager MI, OH

Galynn Beer, Senior Sales Manager & Dan Peterson, Field Agronomy Manager