2020 Material Listed Below

A variety of background material and other information and resources about The AgroExpo are available for exhibitors, sponsors, and media outlets. Help us spread the word about the AgroExpo by sharing this information with your customers.

Current Press Release [See News]

Editable Press Release [Click to Download]

You can enter your company’s information into this Press Release template and send it to your local media outlets, or mail it to customers. It is in short article format, and can easily be changed to reflect your company’s involvement with the 2020 AgroExpo. Make sure people know who you are and where you’re going to be August 11 and 12!


Social Media (with us!): NEW

Available to the first 20 exhibitors – social media services for 2020! Click the below image for details.


Social Media (on your own) [Click to Download Images]

Download images from last year’s show to grab them for your social media accounts! Feel free to modify the post messages to invite attendees to visit your booth. Be sure to follow the AgroExpo on Facebook so you can share our messages, as well.

Use hashtag #TheAgroExpo2020

  1. Social Media sample post A
  2. Social Media sample post B
  3. Social Media sample post C

A) Mark your calendar! Come to the AgroExpo August 11th & 12th. We’ll be in booth #____ – stop in and say hello! There’s a lot planned at this event. check out the schedule at theagroexpo.com

#TheAgroExpo2020 #MIagriculture

B) Come see us The AgroExpo, August 11 & 12 in St. Johns. We’ll be in booth #_____. There’s a lot going on at the AgroExpo this year – check it out! theagroexpo.com

#TheAgroExpo20 #MIagriculture

C) The AgroExpo is where you will find the latest in innovation and the experts behind the discoveries. Start planning your experience, visit theagroexpo.com

We’ll be there! Stop and see us in booth #_____. Looking forward to it! 

#TheAgroExpo20 #MIagriculture


AgroExpo 2019 Photography [Click to Download]

Check out these photos from the 2019 AgroExpo – maybe you can find yourself from last year. Utilize these photos to promote the 2020 show.


Postcard & Other Offerings [Click to Download]

Customize this postcard to mail to your customer list. Add your logo and contact information to these postcards – personal invitations can make your customers more likely to visit your booth at the AgroExpo. Some exhibitors even offer a giveaway (maybe lunch tickets?) in their booth if a customer brings the postcard to the AgroExpo with them. This ensures you face time with that customer.



2020 Material (Coming Soon)

Print Advertising [Click to Download]

These full page or half pages ads can also be customized with your company’s logo and contact information. Let people know where you are going to be and where to find you at the AgroExpo!